Live Sound

Live Events

Put Strength in Your Sound

Whether you need concert sound or small PA System to make announcements at your event, we have you covered. Our sound technicians have been trained both formally in the classroom and out in the field.

Rent a Sound Professional

Do you have the equipment, but lack the know-how? We can send out one of our Firefly sound professionals to run the mixer so you don’t have to.

Sound System Consulting

Purchasing your own equipment for your home or venue? Our professionals can consult you on the best choice of equipment for your space within your budget. Firefly was founded on sound quality. We have high standards when it comes to the subject. When it is time to buy equipment for your venue or location, making decisions can be expensive and risky if you do not have the knowledge. We will even install it for you. Contact us for more details.

Studio Recording

Do you want to record that first EP you’ve always wanted to hand out to your friends, or that demo you’ve been meaning to send to record companies? Ask us about the Firefly Studios. We are audiophiles at Firefly, and we are always looking for new projects to work on. Our portfolio stretches from metal bands, acoustic artists, to commercial ads and many other applications. As musicians ourselves, we understand the importance of high quality recordings. We love to work with local talent to get them to the next level.