Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

The beauty of Firefly is the fact that we can work with your budget. We offer several standard and premium DJ packages to choose from. We will work with your budget to figure out the best package for you. We almost always offer lower pricing than our competitors while offering a more personal approach working closely with our clients. You provide us with the info and we will provide you with a quote, you will find it will be right in your range.

Do you have a contract?

Yes. Firefly likes both parties to have a clear agreement of who is responsible for what. We provide a complete contract that requires a signature from both the DJ and the Purchaser of the service. A contract is mandatory and not only secures the date for your event, but protects you as well. Having a contract signed will give you piece of mind that we will be there working for you.

Is there a deposit I need to pay?

Yes. Deposits are typically sent in with the contract. Deposit amounts vary based on total bill of the event and the amount of travel required. Typically deposits range from $100–200.

Can I meet with my DJ before our event?

Yes. We encourage communication between our DJs and the purchasers or event planners. As soon as the contract is signed, we are working for you. It is important to us that things are clear and prepared for everything you need. You will either speak with your DJ over the phone or have a short meeting in advance.

How much time do you need for setup/takedown?

This will be determined between the event planner and the DJ. We are quick, efficient, and ready for anything. We like to be early to set up equipment so we have the time to make any adjustments we need. Each event requires different equipment and time for setup. 

What kind of music do you play?

What do you want to hear? Some of our clients make their own playlist for us to use. Others give us a few ideas and we construct a playlist from those selections. Over our many years of experience we know what gets people on the dance floor. Our libraries have over 30,000 songs and counting and we play edited music to allow for the most appropriate playback.

Do you take requests?

Yes! The best part about Firefly is we let you and the audience decide the music. We want you and your attendees to have a great time. Let our DJs know if they want to hear something in particular. We also offer an email service where your attendees can send us their requests prior to your event, so that we can be fully prepared for their demands. Request a song through our website or send any requests to: fireflyrequest(at)gmail(dot)com.

What if my event is cancelled due to weather or natural disaster?

In the area that we provide services, weather is often a worry. Unless the apocalypse is happening, we will be there. We have 4-wheel-drive vehicles to haul our equipment to ensure that we will be there rain, shine, sleet, or snow. In the case that an event needs to be cancelled, we will work with you on finding an alternative date for your event.

NOTE: deposits are only refundable in cases of severe weather or emergency.

Any other questions? Just ask. We have answers.